Education and Dissemination Unit

The mission of the CESAMH Education and Dissemination Unit (EDU) is to share information about stress and mental health. We have focused these education efforts on: Veterans and active duty military members; family members and advocates; healthcare providers; administrators and policy makers; and researchers. Some of our outreach efforts have included workshops, seminars, conferences, fact sheets and web-based resources. One of our primary efforts has been on the dissemination of evidence-based practices for the treatment of PTSD. To date, CESAMH EDU has provided training for over 500 licensed and trainee mental health providers in VA, DoD, and community settings. In addition, CESAMH is partnering on several endeavors with the not-for-profit organization, PsychArmor, to provide education to healthcare providers, employers, and caregivers about the unique needs of Veterans.  Lastly, the EDU is involved in the deployment of a nationally recognized technology, called eScreening, which was created in CESAMH.  eScreening uses a tablet (iPad) to collect health-related information directly from the Veteran and places this information into the Veteran’s medical record. This new technology has many advantages including gathering more complete and accurate information, saving time and paperwork, identifying medical and mental problems at an earlier stage, and improving referrals appropriate care. We are currently conducting research to examine strategies for the adoption of eScreening, which is planned for VA’s across the nation.

  • Laurie A. Lindamer, Ph.D. – Director, Education & Dissemination Unit

    Laurie A. Lindamer, Ph.D. – Director, Education & Dissemination Unit

    Dr. Lindamer oversees dissemination activities for CEASMH, as well as the training for programs in VA San Diego Healthcare System (VASDHS) Mental Health Care Line.  She is actively involved in the formation of Public-Private Partnerships, locally and with other VA and non-VA programs.  Her research interests focus on the implementation of evidence-based practices and health technology.

  • James Pittman, Ph.D., LCSW – Associate Director, Education & Dissemination Unit

    James Pittman, Ph.D., LCSW – Associate Director, Education & Dissemination Unit

    Dr. Pittman oversees social work and triage services for CESAMH’s clinical activities, and conducts clinical research studies that investigate the relationship between psychological trauma and psychosocial outcomes, as well as the implementation and use of technology in assessment and treatment.

  • Leslie A. Morland, PsyD

    Leslie A. Morland, PsyD

    Leslie Morland, PsyD is a research supervisor and Principal Investigator on several ongoing studies. Dr. Morland’s primary areas of research are in evaluating the innovative use of technology to increase access and the uptake of evidence-based psychotherapies for PTSD with rural and remote Veterans.

  • Borsika Rabin, Ph.D., MPH, PharmD

    Borsika Rabin, Ph.D., MPH, PharmD

    Dr. Rabin provides expertise in dissemination and implementation (D&I) science to support research and practice activities in the form of research consultation, training, review of relevant literature, development of tools relevant to D&I to senior and junior research and clinician colleagues.