Contact Information:
3350 La Jolla Village Drive
San Diego, CA 92161


Dr. Herbert received his bachelor’s degree in psychology and master’s degree in experimental psychology from California State University, San Bernardino where his research focused on drug interactions and the development of behavioral sensitization in animal models. He received his PhD in Clinical Psychology at the University of Alabama at Birmingham and completed his dissertation on the relationship between cortisol, psychosocial stress, and ethnic differences in experimental pain responses in persons with knee osteoarthritis.

Dr. Herbert completed his pre-doctoral internship at the VASDHS and postdoctoral fellowship in CESAMH. He recently received a Career Development Award from Rehabilitation R&D to develop and examine a novel mindfulness-based psychosocial treatment for chronic pain.

Research/Clinical Interests

Dr. Herbert’s research interests include the psychosocial treatment of chronic pain and biopsychosocial factors related to the development and maintenance of chronic pain. He is a principal investigator on a Career Development Award that uses the psychological flexibility model to integrate evidence-based methods from other mindfulness-based approaches. Additionally, he uses the biopsychosocial model to elucidate factors that underlie racial/ethnic differences in pain, and has a broad interest in how psychosocial factors influence pain severity and pain disability. He also mentors several CESAMH-affiliated trainees.

To participate in current research studies, please visit VASDHS and  VMRF.

Selected Publications