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Dr. Leslie Morland, PsyD is the Director of the Regional TeleMental Health Program at the San Diego VA Health Care System, a researcher at the Pacific Island Division of the National Center for PTSD, an Associate Professor of Psychiatry at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD), and in the Education Unit of the VA Center of Excellence for Stress and Mental Health. She earned her doctorate in Clinical Psychology at Pepperdine University and completed trauma-focused postdoctoral research fellowship at the National Center for PTSD. Dr. Morland previously was the Deputy Director of the National Center for PTSD, Pacific Island Division.

Research/Clinical Interests

Dr. Morland’s primary areas of research are in evaluating the innovative use of technology to increase access and the uptake of evidence-based psychotherapies for PTSD with rural and remote Veterans. Dr. Morland also leads multiple randomized control trials at the VA, as well as teaches Intervention techniques. Dr. Morland has over 50 publications and chapters related to trauma and PTSD.Currently, Dr. Morland’s “An Integrative Technology Approach to Home-based Conjoint Therapy for PTSD” study is comparing the modality of Cognitive Behavioral Conjoint Therapy (CBCT) treatment among couples where the Veteran is suffering from PTSD. The treatment is designed to improve relationship functioning for the couple, and lower PTSD symptoms for Veterans. The study will compare CBCT to PTSD Family Education (PFE) and possibly compare treatment modalities, office based treatment compared to telehealth treatment, and if the eight-session treatment is shown to be superior to PFE.

Dr. Morland is also the Co-investigator and San Diego site PI on a telehealth therapy study looking to compare treatment outcomes among women Veterans with a history of Military Sexual Trauma. This study aims to provide telehealth therapy for women in rural areas that may not be able to consistently make it the VA hospital or VA community treatment centers.

To participate in current research studies, please visit VASDHS and  VMRF.

Selected Publications