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Contact Information:
3350 La Jolla Village Drive
San Diego, CA 92161


Dr. Baker earned her medical degree from Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons (1981), and completed adult and child psychiatry fellowships at the University of Cincinnati (UC) after which she joined the UC faculty as Assistant Professor of Child Psychiatry in 1986.  She began work at the Cincinnati VA in 1989, and over the next decade was responsible for developing the VA Cincinnati PTSD inpatient, residential and outpatient treatment programs and the Gulf War Illness Clinic.  She was recruited to the VA San Diego Healthcare System (VASDHS) in 2004.  Since arrival in San Diego her primary activities have been research, teaching and clinical work focused on PTSD, mTBI and co-occurring illnesses.  She was appointed to the Psychiatry faculty at University of California, San Diego San as Associate Professor in 2005.  She continues on faculty as Professor, Department of Psychiatry from 2012 to present.

Research/Clinical Interests

Dr. Baker’s main research foci have been the neurobiology of PTSD and mTBI, the interface between PTSD and mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI), and co-occurring disorders, such as cardiac, immune disorders and pain syndromes), seen at higher rates in PTSD and mTBI than in healthy individuals.  As outlined in her NIH biosketch her main areas of research contribution throughout her career include: 1) serial cerebrospinal fluid and plasma collection for circadian characterization of neuro-endocrine-immune peptides and hormones across the blood brain barrier in PTSD; 2) design and implementation of a large, prospective (pre- and post-deployment), longitudinal study of active duty Marines, the Marine Resiliency Study (MRS), which has contributed information about risk/resilience factor for development of PTSD; 3) in-depth inquiry into the participation of inflammation in the pathogenesis of PTSD, and the role of inflammation in secondary PTSD-related health-outcomes such as atherosclerotic heart disease; and 4) In tandem with Mingxiong Huang Ph.D., development of imaging biomarkers for the detection of mTBI as distinguished from PTSD; and 5) development of, and participation in single-site and multi-site studies of the safety and efficacy of new treatments (pharmaceutical compounds and neural stimulation) in the treatment of PTSD and mTBI.

At present, Dr. Baker is a teaching attending in the VA San Diego PTSD clinic (Mission Valley).  Additionally, throughout her career in Cincinnati and San Diego, she has served as mentor for numerous psychology undergraduate and graduate students, medical residents, fellows, post-doctoral fellows.  She also participates in delivery of lectures at UCSD and presents at conferences nationally and internationally.

To participate in current research studies, please visit VASDHS and  VMRF.

Selected Publications

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