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Contact Information:
3350 La Jolla Village Drive
San Diego, CA 92161


Heather Donovan, B.A., serves as CESAMH’s Director of Administration and Operations in which she advises and coordinates administrative policies and programs and oversees the daily operations of the Center. In this role, she also performs and oversees all the administrative functions of the Center including, budget and fiscal management, human resources management, strategic planning, program evaluation, equipment management and contracting. In her role as the Co-Lead Administrative Office, she assists VACO with ensuring the best administrative practices, including reviews and compliances, are being practiced among the MIRECCs and Mental Health COEs; serves as a mentor to the Administrative Officers within the MIRECCS and Mental Health COEs; and communicates, coordinates, organizes and analyzes responses from the field on quick turn-around projects. Heather is a 9+ year Navy Veteran who served most of her 9 years at the Naval Medical Center San Diego (NMCSD) in various psychiatric technician roles. She worked on both the inpatient and outpatient units while serving at NMCSD. In the last three years of her tour at NMCSD, she became one of the Navy’s few neuropsychiatric technicians and completed full neuropsychiatric testing batteries which assisted the neuropsychologist and forensic psychiatrist with fitness for duty evaluations of active duty military members. After leaving the military in 2002, Heather went on to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree at the University of San Diego. She majored in psychology and minored in math. Since 2005, she has held various research, administrative and supervisory positions at both the VA San Diego Healthcare System and the University of California, San Diego.

Selected Publications