Mallory Loflin
Contact Information:
9500 Gilman Dr. MC 8505
La Jolla, CA 92037


Mallory Loflin, Ph.D., is a postdoctoral research fellow in the VA Center of Excellence for Stress and Mental Health, working under the mentorship of Dr. Sonya Norman.  Dr. Loflin received her doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology from the University at Albany, State University of New York in 2016. She completed her pre-doctoral internship at the VASDHS/UCSD consortium and her first year of fellowship at the National Center for PTSD Dissemination and Training Division.

Research/Clinical Interests

Dr. Loflin’s research interest is in development of novel mental health treatments that target the endocannabinoid system.  Dr. Loflin is particularly focused on testing the therapeutic value of medicinal cannabis preparations for the treatment of trauma-related disorders, such as PTSD.

To participate in current research studies, please visit VASDHS and  VMRF.

Selected Publications