Many Veterans who come to VA hospitals and clinics have PTSD.  Because of this, the VA has special trainings for health care providers who help Veterans with PTSD.  However, lots of Veterans don’t come to the VA and instead get their health care in other settings.  Many go to community-based clinics and medical centers.  While these treatment centers are often a good place to get treatment, special trainings in treatments for PTSD are not always available to providers in these clinics.

Therefore, a team of researchers from VA CESAMH have partnered with The Tug McGraw Foundation to study ways to help get the best treatments for PTSD into the hands of mental health providers in these community clinics.

CESAMH researchers provided free trainings in Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT) to mental health providers in San Diego County.  CPT is one of the most well-researched and effective treatments for PTSD.  In addition to the usual CPT training the VA uses, however, the team added to the training to identify any special hurdles that mental health providers might have in using the therapy with the Veterans they see.  The CESAMH team is collecting information from the providers who took the training to help make the training even more effective!

“We are particularly interested in offering this training to mental health professionals who serve Veterans and active duty Military Members” says Dr. Carie Rodgers, Associate Director of Education at CESAMH.  “Many servicemen and women who have returned from duty in Iraq or Afghanistan are suffering from PTSD and other psychological problems.  We believe CPT can be an important tool in the recovery process.”