All CESAMH researchers have a singular mission: to improve the health and well-being of Veterans through world class, cutting-edge science.  CESAMH’s ability to house education, research, and clinical units under a single umbrella dramatically reduces the time from scientific discovery to implementation.  The Center is also an incubator for new investigators with many senior faculty members serving as mentors.  In addition, VA CESAMH has leveraged regional and local VA expertise as well as expertise from academic affiliates to further our research mission.  Investigators frequently collaborate with scientists both nationally and internationally, making it possible for a single site to conduct research and educational activities across the spectrum of basic and clinical domains that is necessary to fully address a given disorder.


Specifically, CESAMH’s research focused goals are:


  1. To conduct basic research into the neural mechanisms of trauma-related behavioral problems in order to develop and test novel preventive and treatment targets and strategies.
  2. To understand and quantify the neurobiological and psycho- physiological mechanisms of symptom change and indicators of treatment response for trauma-related conditions.
  3. To employ innovative twin research designs to examine the genetic, epigenetic, and environmental mechanisms underlying trauma-related conditions and associated functional outcomes.
  4. To conduct studies of risk factors and correlates of trauma-related
    conditions and symptoms in support of a neurobiological understanding
    of impaired functioning.