PMS and MST Co-Occur with Pain in Women Veterans

Women veterans are more likely than men to experience military sexual trauma (MST) which often results in symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Women are also more likely to experience pain. Women with severe premenstrual syndrome (PMS, symptoms right before menstruation that often include anxiety and depression) are more sensitive to pain than those without PMS. Pain and PTSD together cause worse PMS symptoms and distress than either by itself and may be worse when women have a history of sexual abuse.

Chronic Pain & PTSD

Chronic pain is when a person suffers from pain in a particular area of the body for at least three to six months. Most people who have chronic pain also have the diagnosis of PTSD. Chronic pain is also seen in people who have other mental health conditions such as depression. Learn more about how to understand and manage chronic pain. LEARN MORE >>